Dry and Wet Abrasive Conditions of Fe-C-B Wear Resistance Hardfacing Alloy on Mild Steel

Document Type : Original Article


R&D Department of Kavosh Joosh Co., Tehran, Iran.


In this research, Fe-C-B hardfacing layer fabricated with cored wire contains ferroboron on mild steel by FCAW process. OES, ICP, XRD, OM, SEM, and microhardness method were used for study of characteristics of hardface layer. The chemical analysis test results show that boron was absorbed in hardface layer. The XRD, OM, SEM, EDS results, shows that the microstructure consisted of primary Fe2B, FeB and eutectic structure (A+M+Fe2B) in hardface layer. The hardness test (HRC) results show that hardness of hardface layer was increased than that the base metal. The wear test results shows, in dry (ASTM G65) and wet (ASTM G105) conditions, the   Fe-C-B hardface layer has higher wear resistance than that the mild steel and the wet wear resistance of the Fe-C-B hardface is higher than that the dry conditions. In addition, SEM observation of worn surfaces indicated that the wear micromechanism of hardface samples in dry condition was microploughing with cutting, but in the wet condition, was microploughing with pitting


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