Computational Evaluation of the Impact of Friction Coefficient on Self-Expanding Stent and Peripheral Artery During Contact

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Arak University


Cardiovascular diseases (CAD) are famous as some of the chief causes of death nearby the world. In addition, peripheral artery disease (PAD) is the most known CAD. Peripheral artery stenting (PAS) is an effective substitute to peripheral endarterectomy. Self-expanding stent can be employed for minimizing the problems of interaction between PAD and stent. With the aim of evaluate biomechanical properties of Self-expanding stent and their interactions with peripheral artery, a finite element method (FEM) model was made-up which was composed of a PA and a Self-expanding stent. In the present paper, the effects of friction coefficient on the interaction between Nitinol stent and peripheral artery were studied. It was found that the increase in the friction coefficient between the Nitinol stent and peripheral artery did not result in any significant changes in the amount of stress and strain. This FEM model can provide a convenient way for evaluating biomechanical properties of peripheral stents given the effects of friction coefficient.


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